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  • Should I tell my sister what my fiance did?
    My fiancé of 8 years- we have 2 kids. We have been very rocky for the past two weeks unfortunately this morning it curved way worse.. not sure why I did it but I did it. On Snapchat there’s for “your eyes only” with a code. I tried putting our anniversary code which is what […]
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  • How do I stop breastfeeding?
    I have so many struggles on how to stop breastfeeding. Is there any stuff not harmful for the baby that I can use to put on my nipples to force the baby to stop breastfeeding? 4 posts - 2 participants Read full topic
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  • Breastfeeding advice
    Hey there! Currently 30 weeks with my 2nd son! I feel like I was so uneducated with my 1st about breastfeeding so I want to get as much advice and as many opinions as I can! So a little back story, when I had my 1st, I tried to breastfeed but everytime he latched on, […]
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  • My 10-Year-Old Started Her Period, Do People Still Use Pads?
    This question was submitted to our community via our Facebook page and/or our Answers forum. Responses are also taken from the community. If you have your own parenting or relationship question you would like answers to, submit on Facebook or Answers. 1200×828 64.9 KB QUESTION: "My daughter is 10 yrs old. I think she has […]

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